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Sometimes you wonder whether to blame the devil for whatever bad that happens in our lives but then…the devil just sits and waits for when you invite him!

Inviting him could mean not seeing the signs that a woman has anger issues and is violent, just because you think you love her and your love for her will cover the multitude of sins! No matter how much you love a violent soul, no matter what you gift a woman who has anger issues, she is still what she is…fuelled constantly by her over bloated ego!

Sometimes it could be that you dont seriously commit yourself to God in prayer to truly take away obstacles in your way even if this person is a spouse that you claim to love! Love is beautiful…and should always put a smile on your face…not make you sad all the time!

How did you not see this coming? A woman who you loved enough to marry? How could you have permanently contracted your killer to live under the same roof with you?

How does this family come to terms with the fact that their son, uncle, husband, father and friend is no more because of a woman he married after divorcing his first wife?

So your little daughter will have to grow up to find out that one woman cut your life short that you won’t be there to hear her talk about her friends in school, her entrance into college, exams into university or even her fears when she experiences her first Menses! Would this not leave a permanent scar on her heart and soul? Oh my God…the devil you knew now seems better than this angel you walked down the registry aisle!

Marriage is sweet but it is very bitter when you find yourself entangled with the wrong person, the signs are always there but as usual we choose not to see them until the deadly blow is dealt!

Madam Otike-Odibi if you have a chance to read his obituary you will notice that no one mentioned you there, just like that they have clearly erased you…because you have caused them everlasting pain! Why did you not walk away? You could have walked away, left the house for days, chew gum, drink cold water, read your bible…speak out loud and told the devil to get behind you! How do you hope this cup will pass over you?

Hmmmmmm…nothing is worth the life of another person…nothing really because ultimately we will all leave this world empty just the way we came!

Keep resting Mr Otike-Odibi and if there is anything as reincarnation…you have to be very careful who you open the doors of your heart to!

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